Orchard Removal


Our Process

We will work with you to fully understand your removal needs, land and schedule so that we can work together to achieve the best results for you. We bring in our highly trained team members who work with accuracy so we don't cause damage to your fields. We are dedicated to leaving you with clean fields when we are done, leaving you with exactly what you want.

We work with small and large orchards

We work with clients big and small across a wide range of agricultural sectors. Whether you have one acre or thousands of acres, we have the equipment and expertise to remove them for you. From almonds, oranges, cherries and all others we will take them down and out in an efficient manner.


Skills and experiences



We have only highly trained professionals that take pride in what they do. It is our goal to leave the fields cleaner than before we arrived.



Our company has been perfecting removals for over twenty-four years and aided by the development of our new technology, we are in and out in an unprecedented amount of time.



Tired of using orchard removal companies that come in and trash the place, or never show up at all? It's time to call a company you can count on: G & F Ag.Service.



We use only the top of the line equipment. All of our grinders are from the all american company, Morbark, who has been making grinders for fifty years. Almost all of our equipment is less than ten years old. With all new equipment, we ensure timely removals with less breakdowns compared to the competition.



One coal plant at a time we are making California greener. With our company located in the central valley we are creating business for BioMass plants to take over for those polluting Coal plants. Furthermore, all of our grinders are permitted by the California Air Resources Board. Help California Go Green, give us a call, and help us make California greener.



Being a local family owned business for over twenty-four years with an even longer history of raising almond orchards has given us the knowledge needed for efficient orchard removal. We pride ourselves on doing more than the competition and can be counted on to provide a timely service.